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Ideal Protein recipe: Cauliflower Rice

How to Make Cauliflower Rice

Ingredients & Materials
  • 1 (or more) head(s) of organic cauliflower

  • Blender

  • Enough water to cover the cauliflower

  • Strainer

  • Storage: Sandwich size freezer bags, Mason jar, etc.

  1. Grab cauliflower and make sure there are no brown or black spots on it. If so, remove with a paring knife.

  2. Rip the leaves off of the bottom.

  3. Cut the cauliflower in half and cut the florets off from core until you are left with just the core.

  4. Discard the core and break up the florets into somewhat evenly sized pieces.

  5. Place florets in blender and add water until florets are covered or nearly covered.

  6. Blend until evenly chopped but not completely pulverized. Start on slow speed and progress to faster speeds until cauliflower is riced.

  7. Pour mix through strainer. You may press on cauliflower in the strainer to press more water out of mixture.

  8. Remove rice to a large bowl and continue blending florets in batches until all florets are “riced”. I found that one head of cauliflower made one batch. Alternately, you could use a hand grater but I imagine it would take quite a bit of time.

  9. Grab a measuring cup (if freezing measured portions) and some sandwich sized bags (preferably freezer bags) or your Mason jar and fill.

  10. If freezing: Once you fill your baggies, press the cauliflower flat to be sure to remove the excess air and make storing in the freezer easier.

Cooking tips
  • If preparing the cauliflower rice from frozen, I suggest removing from the freezer and leaving on the counter to soften and defrost a bit while you cook whatever you are planning on serving it with.

Oven cooking method
  1. Preheat oven to 425F. Spread cauliflower rice out on one or more baking sheets (depending on how much you have) into a single layer. Don’t make yourself crazy about the single layer thing, you just don’t want to crowd the pan or it will steam and remain moist.

  2. Bake for 15 minutes, flipping the “rice” at least 1x.

  3. Remove, serve and enjoy!

Frying pan method
  1. Heat a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil in a non-stick pan over medium high heat and add cauliflower rice.

  2. You may want to “dry fry” it to remove as much of the moisture as possible.

  3. Make sure to season with salt, pepper and another complimentary spice if possible. Enjoy!

Verdict: I sprinkled a little cayenne pepper on it, mixed in the taco meat, and it was okay. 2 cups at a time is a little much.

Recipe found here

Ricing method found here
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