A Wandering Minstrel (fearciuil) wrote,
A Wandering Minstrel

Ideal Protein recipe: Not Apple Slices & Butter

Not Apples


  • Large zucchini

  • Cinnamon or apple pie spice

  • Stevia or Splenda

Not-Baked Not-Apple Slices
  1. Peel zucchini, slice lengthwise and seed. Slice crosswise to make pieces that look like apple slices.

  2. Season with cinnamon or apple pie spice and a bit of Splenda or Stevia.

  3. Microwave in small glass dish with a lid for a few minutes.

Not-Apple Butter
Simmer ingredients in saucepan with a little water until cooked down to apple butter consistency.

Verdict: Edible, but weird. Might try again, but might not.

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