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FIC: Explosive, Part 34/43

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“It was definitely, uh, deleted by someone in TARU,” Beck explained, setting his laptop on the edge of McCoy’s desk and looking around, half-puzzled and half-nervous, at his audience.  “Nobody else had both access and, uh, the skills to pull it off.”

“Any idea who it was?” McCoy asked tiredly.

“Um….”  Beck fumbled for the words for a moment.

“Spit it out, Beck,” Van Buren ribbed gently.

“I think it was Todd Hatch,” Beck said honestly.

McCoy’s eyes came up and fastened on Beck.  “Why?”

“Because he’s the one who wanted me to help him purge the servers this afternoon,” Beck responded.  “I mean, I know that isn’t proof, but … the timing is just … weird.”

McCoy nodded and glanced behind Beck at a man with a craggy face.  “That name sounds familiar?”

The craggy-faced man nodded, brow furrowed.  “He’s connected to the Deputy Chief.”

“Connected how?”

“Martins was his rabbi, too, and there’s some evidence that he may have been in on the drug business.”

McCoy’s eyebrows shot up.  “‘Business’?  You’ve been calling it drug infractions.  Were they dealing?”

The large black man—Bernard?  Yes, that was his name—snorted.  “Johnson wasn’t,” he said.  “He isn’t smart enough.  Hatch … may have been.”

“What, did you commit this file to memory?” the craggy-faced man demanded, seemingly annoyed.  Bernard just looked back at him, a didn’t-you? expression on his face.

At that point, Beck started and dug in his pocket for his vibrating phone.  He checked the message that had just come in.  “I think … if we trace it, the—the server tampering will trace back to Hatch.”  He hesitated.  “Mostly.”

“Mostly?  What d’ya mean, mostly?”  This from the sergeant at the One-Five—Sipowicz.

“He … uh, it looks like he’s hacked into my computer to make it look like I did it.”

“You’re here, Mr. Beck,” McCoy pointed out, almost smiling.  “I’d say you have a solid alibi.”

“You’ve got somebody watching him?”  One of the two detectives flanking the craggy-faced man had finally spoken up, and Beck nodded.

“He seemed … too eager for me to help him,” he explained.  “I texted a—a friend to watch what he was doing.”

There was a beat of silence.

“I see,” McCoy said then, and paused.  “Well, I’d say we’ve got enough.  Pick ’em up.”

“Pick who up?” Van Buren asked.

“All three of them.”  McCoy waved his hand at them.  “You can divide yourselves up however you want.”

“You’re not going to give the Deputy Chief the chance to surrender himself?” the craggy-faced man asked blankly.

“No, Sergeant Cole, I’m not,” McCoy responded formally.  “One person connected to the Deputy Chief has already demonstrated a propensity for destroying evidence.  He doesn’t get the chance to enlist somebody else.”

Sergeant Cole shrugged.  “All right, then.”  And he led the two detectives flanking him from the office.

“Mr. Beck,” McCoy said as the other cops prepared to follow the IA detectives.

“Uh … yeah?”

“Did your ‘friend’ do anything that will in any way jeopardize this investigation?”  McCoy was watching the tech closely.

Beck shook his head emphatically.

McCoy smiled tightly.  “Good.”


Link to [Part 35]
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