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FIC: Explosive, Part 33/43

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His new driver’s license in his pocket (and his birth certificate back in his safe deposit box), Cutter paused in front of an electronics store.  Several phones were displayed in the window, notably the BlackBerry 8830 and 8330 and the iPhone.  He absentmindedly tapped the file folder containing his law license as he examined what he could see in the window, dithering over whether to go inside and compare the different models … especially since his plan entitled him to a replacement phone.

Finally, regretfully, he stepped away.  He couldn’t pay for a new phone until his replacement debit and credit cards arrived.  However, he could do some comparing online.

Sighing, he pulled his list out of his pocket.  The first two items, regaining control of his bank account and replacing his driver’s license, were done.  Next came replacing his toiletries—shaving kit, comb (his hair did more or less what it wanted to, no matter what he tried, so he rarely bothered with more than running a comb through it), deodorant, toothbrush.

He winced as a twinge went through his hand and added painkillers to his mental list.


Link to [Part 34]
Tags: character: michael cutter, fanfic: law & order
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