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FIC: Explosive, Part 30/43

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“That douchebag still has a badge?”

At Lupo’s and Salazar’s affirmation, John Adler, the sandy-haired detective before them, looked away in outraged disgust.


“Why?” Lupo asked.

“’Cause he’s incompetent and should not be a cop,” Adler responded bluntly.  “I’m done bein’ polite about that turd.  He’s incompetent and should not be a cop.”

“What do you mean?” Salazar asked.

“You want a for instance?”  Adler exhaled, hard.  “The guy used to come in drunk and stoned more often than sober.  The first time he forgot to Mirandize a suspect—”

“He forgot to Mirandize a suspect?” Lupo interrupted blankly.  “How do you forget to Mirandize a suspect?”

Adler shrugged.  “’Cause he was drunk an’ stoned?  It’s not like he was fresh outta the Academy, either.  Anyway, the first time he did that, I requested a new partner, an’ I made sure I told the Captain why.  Johnson was gone inside of a week, an’ I got Mitch Kessler as his replacement.  Mitch Kessler was a good cop.  He din’ deserve what happened to him.”

“I knew Mitch,” Salazar volunteered.  “And he was a good cop.  I always wondered what happened.”

“He got blamed for Johnson’s screwups, that’s what happened,” Adler replied.  He took a breath, and his expression took on a hard edge.  “I swear, Johnson’s rabbi has to be the Commissioner, or the Chief of D’s, or some high-up brass.”

“You ever see Johnson do anything like … tamper with the phone log?” Lupo asked, his manner forced-casual.  Adler snorted.

“Never saw him do somethin’ like that, no,” he replied.  “But I wouldn’ put it past him.  What, exactly, is this about, anyway?”


“So?”  Van Buren settled back in her chair and looked from Lupo to Salazar and back.

“The majority of Johnson’s ex-partners are absolutely astounded that he still has a badge,” Lupo reported.

“So am I,” she retorted.  “What else?”

“He was called several things I won’t repeat in mixed company,” Salazar replied.  “He was also called incompetent more than once.”

“No surprises there,” she said.  “Did he alter the phone log?”

“No one ever saw him alter the log book,” Lupo said.  “But no one was surprised that he may have.”  He hesitated.  “Lieu….”

“Is there a problem, Detective?”

“John Adler suggested—and I think he has a point—that Johnson’s rabbi has gotta be some high-up brass.”  He shifted uncomfortably.  “I just … don’t want this blowing up in everybody’s faces.”

“Duly noted.”

“There’s gotta be somebody else in on it, too,” Salazar interjected then.  At Van Buren’s look, he extended, “Too many people think he doesn’t have the skills to have deleted the entries from the servers.  Somebody else did that … Johnson may have had the initial screwup, but somebody else is covering it up.”

“So, what do we do, Lieu?” Lupo asked.  She sighed and reached for the phone.

“We bring McCoy up to speed,” she replied.


Link to [Part 31]
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