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FIC: Explosive, Part 24/43

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“What am I looking at?”  A tired McCoy stared vaguely at the information on his computer screen, blinking in his attempts to bring the type into focus.

“Fragments of deleted entries from the phone log at the One-Five,” Salazar replied.  “I went over the whole file last night—uh, this morning—and it looks like there were multiple reports that were deleted.”

McCoy’s attention sharpened.  “All concerning this presumed meth lab?”

Salazar nodded.

“Any idea yet who deleted them?”

“Detective Lupo was gonna go over duty rosters this morning … I haven’t heard from him yet.”


“Oh … uh … hey, Lieu?”

Van Buren glanced back at Lupo, who had stood and was following her to her office.  She frowned a little at his appearance—unshaven, clothes rumpled—and gestured that he follow her.  Once the door was closed, she asked,

“You spend the night here?”

He wiped a hand across his face and nodded once.  “I was working on that … uh … special assignment?”

She carefully placed her purse in the bottom drawer of her desk.  “Bring me up to speed.”


Link to [Part 25]
Tags: character: anita van buren, character: cyrus lupo, character: hector salazar, character: jack mccoy, fanfic: law & order, genre: angst
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