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FIC: Explosive, Part 20/43

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“You want me to do what?”  Julian Beck looked uncertainly from Lupo to Salazar.

“Access the phone log from the One-Five,” Lupo repeated.  “The book was missing some pages.”

“Well … they probably deleted the digital entries, then, too.”

“Just look,” Lupo said impatiently.  Beck sighed.

“I can’t do it from this computer,” he said.

“So, where do you need to go?” Salazar asked pointedly.


“All right … just a bit more … I’m in.”  Beck glanced worriedly at the door of the office in which he was now ensconced.  Lupo was leaning against the doorframe, his shoulder against the door; Salazar was peering at the computer screen over the tech’s shoulder.  Turning his attention back to his task, Beck scrolled through the information, clicking on a link partway down the page.  “What were the dates, again?”

“Friday the 2nd, Wednesday the 7th, and Saturday the 10th,” Salazar replied.  Beck nodded and began scrolling.

“I see entries for all three of those days, but nothing at the address you gave me,” he reported.

“They did delete it,” Lupo said grimly.

“That information would still be on the server, wouldn’t it?” Salazar asked.  “Can you retrieve it?”

Beck glanced again at the door and shrugged unhappily.  “I can try.”

“Please do,” Lupo replied, irritated.  Salazar gave him an amused look—aren’t you the same guy who was balking at investigating cops this morning?

Beck took a breath and backed out of the program he was using, opening another with a few clicks.  “This could … take a while,” he warned.


Link to [Part 21]
Tags: character: cyrus lupo, character: hector salazar, character: julian beck, fanfic: law & order, genre: angst
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