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FIC: Explosive, Part 19/43

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“Hey, Lupo.  Your boyfriend’s here.”

“Fuck off, Bernard.”

Detective Kevin Bernard stared, surprised, at his partner, freezing with his phone halfway to its cradle.  “Hey, man, you don’t want to do this investigation, take it up with the Lieutenant.  Don’t take it out on me.”

Lupo mumbled something that might have been an apology and cleared his throat.  “Back in a minute.”  Standing, he eyed Salazar—who slowed as he approached Lupo’s desk, but kept walking—and followed the smaller man to the observation room.

“Cutter’s LUDs,” Salazar began, offering the folder in his hand.  “He called the One-Five three times in the last two weeks.  No call less than seven minutes.”

“So he was definitely reporting something,” Lupo extended, taking the folder and flipping through the contents.  “Geez … this guy texts like his life depends on it.”

Salazar smiled.  “Most DAs do.  McCoy doesn’t, but he’s old-school.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Cutter without his BlackBerry.”

Lupo snorted, and his eye lingered over each of three highlighted lines.  “I bet you will … I heard from a former partner who’s got a brother whose ex-wife is dating a guy on Arson Investigation that Cutter’s place is a total loss.”

“I heard that, too.”

Lupo took a breath and closed the file.  “What do we do about this?”


Link to [Part 20]
Tags: character: cyrus lupo, character: hector salazar, character: kevin bernard, fanfic: law & order, genre: angst

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