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FIC: Explosive, Part 16/43

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“Uh … why are you guys here?”

Lupo looked apologetically at the desk sergeant at the 15th precinct.  “The DA has a bug up his ass,” he explained.  “He wants us to check on that complaint Cutter lodged about the possible meth lab.”  He shrugged uncomfortably.

“He takes it personally when one of his people gets hurt,” Salazar chimed in calmly.  Lupo shot him a hooded glare.

“Look, my lieutenant isn’t gonna let up on me until I have something to tell her,” Lupo continued.  “Can I just … look at the phone log?”

The sergeant continued to look stonily back.  Lupo sighed.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is a temp who forgot to write it down because he was drinking too much coffee and had to hit the can,” he added.

The sergeant snorted and reached under the counter.  “I’ve been through it four times,” he said, looking unconvinced.  “There’s no record of any call about a meth lab at that address.”

“So, somebody forgot to write it down,” Lupo responded easily, turning the book to face him and elbowing Salazar when he opened his mouth.  He flipped through the pages, scanning each one.  “Well, you’re right.  There’s no record.  Thanks.”

Salazar held his silence until they reached the street.  “What was that?”

“We aren’t going to get anywhere if they think we’re investigating cops,” Lupo responded.

“We are investigating cops,” Salazar pointed out.

“Yeah, well, I’ve gotta be able to work with them when we’re done.”  Lupo glanced at the door and dragged Salazar a few yards further up the sidewalk.  “There was a page missing.”  He exhaled unhappily.  “Still mighta been a mistake—originally.”

Salazar eyed his de facto partner for a moment.  “I’ll go dump Cutter’s phone,” he said then, and turned to leave, pulling his cell phone out of his pocket.  “Salazar….”  He stopped dead and looked at Lupo.  “All right.  Thanks.”  He replaced the phone in his pocket.  “That was the ME’s office.  They’ve got the report on the DOA.  Apparently, my boss called Rodgers and put a rush on it.”


Link to [Part 17]
Tags: character: cyrus lupo, character: hector salazar, fanfic: law & order, genre: angst

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