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FIC: Explosive, Part 14/43

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“It won’t do any good.”

Salazar watched Lupo over his coffee.  The pair were seated in Van Buren’s office at the 27th Precinct.  “What do you mean?” Salazar asked, pretending dumbness in order to force Lupo to articulate further.

“I mean….”  Lupo stopped, frustrated.  “Look, I don’t even know why McCoy wanted me on this investigation.  I’ve spoken with the guy, like, once.”

“But Ed knew him,” Van Buren responded.  “You’re on this for the same reason Salazar is: Jack knew your partners, and your partners trusted you two.  So get over this territorial crap and work with him.”

Lupo glanced at Salazar out of the corner of his eye, looking abashed but determined.  “But—”

“We’ve already been over that, Detective.  Your history is history.”

He frowned and looked down.

“Now, what about this investigation that we’re putting together at the specific request of the District Attorney himself do you think won’t do any good?”

“Well….”  He trailed off again.  “If someone over there is dirty—or even just incompetent—isn’t it IA’s problem?  I mean … uh….”

Van Buren sat back, looking sympathetic but refusing to help him.

Salazar watched their dynamic silently and with interest.

Lupo floundered on for a few more seconds before subsiding with a muttered, “Nevermind.”


Link to [Part 15]
Tags: character: anita van buren, character: cyrus lupo, character: hector salazar, fanfic: law & order, genre: angst

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