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FIC: Explosive, Part 9/43

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“Hey, Salazar!  McCoy wants to see you—upstairs.”

Hector Salazar looked up.  He’d arrived early at the office in the hopes of making a dent in his paperwork, and it looked now like that wasn’t going to happen.  He sighed, dropped his coat on his desk, and headed for the elevator.

Early as it was, few people were about yet.  Even the DA’s office didn’t really pick up until after 7:30, so the elevator ride to the 10th floor was quick.  Salazar stepped out and nodded to the guard as he passed.  Reaching the door to the office of the district attorney, he knocked.

“Come in,” McCoy called.  Salazar pushed the door open.

McCoy was seated at his desk, wearing his glasses, a report of some kind in his hand.  “Mr. Salazar?”

“Yeah, I’m Hector Salazar,” Salazar replied.  McCoy nodded absently and finished reading the report, then removed his glasses and looked at Salazar.  With a gesture, he offered Salazar a seat.  Taking it, Salazar asked, “Can I assume this has something to do with Cutter’s apartment burning down last night?”

“You can,” McCoy replied with a slight smile.

“Isn’t Arson Investigation handling that?”

“The actual fire, yes.  I need you to look at another angle.”

“Me personally?”

“You personally.  You’ll be working with Detective Lupo from the Two-Seven.”

“But … why me?”

“Lennie Briscoe spoke highly of you.”  McCoy paused to see if Salazar had any more questions.  When Salazar held his silence—Lennie died almost three and a half years ago!  And this guy remembered a passing comment?—McCoy continued, “There are allegations that Mike called the local precinct to report his neighbor’s meth lab.  I want to know why it wasn’t investigated.”

Salazar’s brow furrowed.  “Shouldn’t IA handle something like that?”

“IA will give a good report,” McCoy explained.  “I don’t want a report.  I want to know who dropped the ball and why.”

“You think someone’s on the take?” Salazar asked.

“That would be the initial hypothesis, yes.  And until the depth of any corruption is uncovered, you will report only to me or to Lieutenant Van Buren.”

“At the Two-Seven.”

McCoy nodded, his eyes crinkling.  “Any more questions?”

Salazar shook his head.  “I think I got it.”

McCoy smiled slightly.  “Good.”


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