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FIC: Explosive, Part 8/43

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“Are you going into the office today?” Cynthia asked as McCoy rejoined her, this time in the kitchen.  He accepted the glass of orange juice she held out to him.

“I have to,” he replied, and glanced at his watch.  “The press probably already knows whose apartment burned down last night, and they’re like piranhas.  They can strip the meat from the bone in thirty seconds … I’ll need to be available for comment.  And I want to get someone looking into why Mike’s reports of a meth lab weren’t taken seriously.”

“And Mike?” she asked, glancing in the direction of the bedrooms.  He followed her gaze.

“He crashed.  I don’t even think he’s going to be awake much, much less in any shape to work.”  He sipped the orange juice thoughtfully.  “You?”

She shrugged.  “I was planning to hang around here.  I can hang around with Mike.”

“You’re okay with that?”

She gave him a half-amused, half-inquiring look.

“I don’t want you to feel like you’re being taken advantage of.”

She almost laughed.  “It’s fine, Jack.”

He smiled and drained his glass.  “Good.  I’ll call later.”


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Tags: character: jack mccoy, character: michael cutter, fanfic: law & order, genre: angst

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