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Welcome to my neurosis.
Please check your sanity at the door.
FIC: Explosive, Part 3/43 
15th-May-2008 11:10 pm
Pretty boys

Link to [Part 1]  [Part 2]

Cutter’s awareness returned piecemeal: first becoming aware that he was cold, then of a slight pressure around his nose and mouth, and then of the fact that he was half sitting up.  With effort, he managed to open his eyes.


He turned his head toward the familiar voice and saw his boss’s infamous silver hair gleaming slightly under the soft lighting.  He blinked slowly and McCoy’s face came into focus, his expression one of relief.

“Thank God.  The doctor said it was just smoke inhalation, but you still scared the hell out of me.”

Smoke…?  What…?

His confusion must have shown; McCoy leaned forward and laid a hand on his shoulder.  “Take it easy,” the older man advised.  “It’ll come back.  Just rest for now.”

Cutter stared at him for a moment more, but the truth was that he was exhausted.  His eyes drifted closed.


Link to [Part 4]
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