December 31st, 2020

Pretty boys

Well ... here we are.

As the subject says, here we are. With the exception of my fics and anything else I choose to make public, this journal is FRIENDS ONLY--I have no real desire to post my life for the Internet at large.

So I'm paranoid. Sue me.

Anyway. Fics. Wanna know what I write? Check the icon. Law & Order, Deadliest Catch, Discworld ... wherever my muse takes me. And BTW, for longer fics, I prefer to finish writing them before I post them; these days, I post fics to my Dreamwidth. This LJ has become my personal journal. I do, however, post an alert here when I post a new fic.

Still interested? Comment away. However: I reserve the right to decline to friend back. You want me to friend back? Use your comment to convince me. Otherwise, I don't know you from Adam, and I won't friend you back.
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