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Welcome to my neurosis.
Please check your sanity at the door.
Links to the Borgia Cantus arc in Pibgorn 
1st-Jun-2009 10:25 pm
Pib Bustard Uh-oh sketch
For those readers who have just recently become fans of Pibgorn, the following links are to the entirety of the Borgia Cantus arc, which ran from 2003-08-11 through 2004-01-16 and on which the current arc seems to be based.

Week 01:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 02:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 03:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 04:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 05:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]

Week 06:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 07:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 08:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 09:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 10:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]

Week 11:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 12:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 13:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 14:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 15:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]

Week 16:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 17:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 18:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 19:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 20:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]

Week 21:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 22:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     [Saturday]
Week 23:  [Monday]     [Tuesday]     [Wednesday]     [Thursday]     [Friday]     finis
11th-Jun-2009 09:26 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for this. It was clearly a lot of work to put this together, but as a relative new read to Pibgorn, I really appreciate it. :)
12th-Jun-2009 06:49 pm (UTC) - Nice Job!
Thanks for the work!
7th-Jul-2009 06:22 pm (UTC)
Excellent! I'd not had a chance to read it before this. Good background for the current story line.
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