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Welcome to my neurosis.
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25th-Dec-2015 12:00 am - One
9CWL Santa hat

31st-Dec-2014 12:02 am - Se7en
9CWL Santa Seth

It is ----ing cold outside. Currently -12°F. These swans might need a few more feathers. Heehee.

Six....Collapse )

Five....Collapse )

Four....Collapse )

Three....Collapse )

Two....Collapse )

And a....Collapse )
25th-Dec-2014 12:08 am - *sigh*
9CWL Santa Seth

L&O Cutter coffee

Baked Eggs in a Portobello CapCollapse )

Verdict: Meh. Still don't care for fungus, and I had a hard time cleaning out the gills, which damaged the caps beyond their usefulness as egg cups.

Recipe from here
L&O Cutter coffee

I was jealous of my colleagues' chili yesterday ... turns out there is an IP-friendly recipe.

Just Plain ChiliCollapse )

Verdict: Quite good. I subbed jalapeño for some of the green bell pepper and cayenne for some of the chili powder, but I like my chili to bite back a bit. Also, it needs to be salted before serving.

Recipe from here
L&O Cutter coffee

Tarragon ChickenCollapse )

Verdict: Meh. Has the potential to grow on me, though.

Recipe from here
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